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"I'm going down to Louisiana, gonna get me a mojo hand
Going down to Louisiana, gonna get me a mojo hand.
Gonna have all you women under my command." -Got My Mojo Working by Muddy Waters

What is a Mojo Bag?
Mojo bags, conjure hands, mojo hands, tobies are the staple talismanic object in conjure and hoodoo. They are small bags, often flannel, filled with herbs, roots, and other curios and put together towards a specific aim.

These little bags are extremely personal and tailored to the wearer. Possessors of mojo hands find them to be among their most treasured and precious possessions and will avoid being without one. Mojo hands are often worn on the body, in one's underwear, in a pocket, or a purse and people develop special and deep bonds with the their mojo hands.

The mojo hand is unique in that it is more than just a talismanic object; it is a powerful spiritual ally that works on one's behalf. It continues the spirit-filled paradigm of conjure (not unlike animism) in that it postulates that the mojo hand is actually a container for a powerful spirit. The conjurer gathers roots, herbs, and curios aimed at specific goal and then combines them together into the bag. Each of these separate spirits join together to form spiritual unit, or army legion that fights for the goal of the petitioner.

Understanding this living quality to the mojo hand there is a process of working with a mojo hand. They are not merely consecrated objects, but spiritual allies that you work with. A mojo hand is "fed" in order to be kept alive. They are given special herbal-blend oils, whiskey (the drink of spirits in hoodoo), special colognes, and sometimes even bodily fluids. This interaction between the mojo bag and the wearer form a symboitic bond between the spirit of the two that leads to a powerful and fulfilling relationship.

Mojo Hands at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice:
At Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we offer a variety of mojo hands and tobies inspiried from traditional combinations and intentions. Each mojo hand is specially made and prayed over. The bag is then sent to you along with a small vial of specially-crafted oil with instructions on how to fix the bag to your specific intents and how to get it working for you along with the general upkeep of the mojo.

You can email us a brief outline of your situation if you are interested in purchasing a mojo hand and we can recommend one our traditional hands.

Smoking a mojo hand to bring it to life.

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What is a Demon Bowl?
Demon bowls are powerful magical objects created by mages to trap evil spirits. They are commonly found among the spiritual practices of the ancient near east where they were made by priests and spirit-workers to capture, restrain, and banish the influence of evil spirits.

They are often distinguishable by their spiraling magical script used to draw in wandering spirits. Though they are usually intended as protective talismanic objects for one's home they have come to be used by other practitioners as a means by which to summon and control spirits.

Today these spirit objects are often found in the Middle East where they continue to be used to summon djinn and other spirits.

What is a Witch Bottle?
Witch Bottles are bottles found in the southern practices of conjure used to protect a home from witches, haunts, and evil spirits. They are crafted from glass and hung from trees, or left outside of one's property.

They remain popular today in various regions of the south as a magical object used for protection. Where they draw in malevolent forces away from the home and trap it within the bottle. 

Demon Bowls and Witch Bottles at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice?
Here at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we craft traditional demon bowls and witch bottles made by hand and consecrated in a powerful rite aimed at providing a high-quality spiritual product. 

Demon bowls are made in the traditional manner using words of power in semetic script and consecrated to act as either a protection for the individual from evil spirits, or to help the individual in their evocation endeavors. 

Witch bottles are made and crafted in the traditional southern conjure fashion with old-fashion ingredients and authentic conjure curios to help draw evil spirits away from the home and trap them within the bottle itself. 

If you are interested in purchasing either a demon bowl or witch bottle you may select either option down below: 

Tradtionally crafted demon bowl made from clay with spiraling magical script in consecrated ink.  


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What is a Talisman?
Talismans are ritually prepared sacred objects that house spiritual power and force aimed at attracting specific objectives, energies, and goals. Many cultures have various talismanic objects from regularly worn jewlery to ritually consecrated monumental structures (there is a science and art to combining architecture with magical principles creating talismanic structures).

These talismans are constructed and consecrated in a variety of forms given the cultural matrix that they arise from. Some are a set of geometric and Qabalistic symbols and words that rely on complex associations to invoke a variety of powers, while others are simple objects infused with elemental, planetary, and natural power with the goal of attracting what is desired.

Examples of talismans are lucky horse shoes aimed at bringing luck, or planetary necklace engraved with astrological symbols with the aim of bringing love.

What is an Amulet?
While Talismans are attractive by nature, amulets are apotropaic. They are intended to ward off and repel various influences, spiritual forces, and to protect the wearer.

Like talismans they are sacred objects consecrated according to traditional methods with the aim of invoking the repelling and protective powers of the celestial bodies, the inherent power of the Earth, or other spiritual powers with the aims of shielding the wearer.

Examples of amulets are things like the wedjat eye of Horus as found in Ancient Egyptian iconography and symbology aimed at warding off ill-health and the dangerous spirits of the desert spirits, and the evil eye charms of the Mediterranean aimed at warding off the envious gaze of the evil eye.

Talismans and Amulets at Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice:
At Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we offer a variety of talismans and amulets crafted and consecrated according to the traditional methods that gave rise to them. Our talismans and amulets are directly from the traditions that we practice and therefore are influenced by hoodoo, goetic conjuring, hermetic qabalah, astrological magick, rune-craft, and Near Eastern thaumaturgy and theurgy.

If you are interested in purchasing a talisman, amulet, or having an object consecrated us contact me for further details.

The Sator square is one of the oldest European talismans influenced by Jewish QBL. It was used to put out fires, reverse witchcraft, heal and do a host of other things.

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