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Conjure and Rootwork

"I tell you the truth, if you have faith and do not doubt, not only can you do what was done to the fig tree, but also you can say to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and it will be done. If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer." -Matthew 21:21

Living life is not about passively accepting everything that happens to you, but rather it is about actively pursuing your destiny and fighting for your God-given right to succeed, prosper, and be happy. The desire to seek out a rootworker is the emobdiment of this drive.

The entirety of this website is devoted to the continuation of spiritual traditions and one aspect of that tradition involves taking on rootwork on behalf of clients. Rootwork for clients is a spellcasting service provided for those who need magical help in their situation.

Rootwork, Conjure, and the Conjure Man
The traditional stance of hoodoo is that whenever you come across one of life's little hiccups, or whenever life needs little nudging in a direction then a condition is present. Whether the condition is a lack of money, a recent heartbreak, an inability to find opportunities, or a host of other problems what is clear is that there is something off that needs fixing. Hoodoo further indicates that these conditions have their roots in the spiritual and as such spiritual means can be used to allievate them.

When a person is physically ill they will seek out the minstrations of a medical doctor. In hoodoo these various conditions are dealt with by a spiritual doctor--often called a conjure doctor, a rootworker, or a conjure man/ woman  these individuals are specialists in using spiritual means to bring manifestation into the physical. The rootworker employs the spiritual powers and abilities that are available to them in order to help change the conditions in the client's life towards something more favorable.

In order to assist their clients, rootworkers use candle magick, herbs, powders, work with spirits, prayers, and various magical means in order to bring to bear spiritual power on the situation. As a devoted student of tradition I continue in this line and if I take on your case, I will work within the various paths I am familiar with to acheive the results we seek.

Whether you are seeking to allieviate negative conditions in your life, or you are looking for that edge to help you find prosperity, love, and happiness rootwork and magick can be used to help turn things in your favor.

What some people are saying about my work:

"Conjure Man we won the case! Everything went exactly like you said it would. All the evidence stacked against me completely fell through and everything was ruled in my favor! Thank you so much for working so hard on this case." -MA (Conjure performed to turn a court case in client' s favor after things were seeming to go against her.)

"He called me last night!!! I don't know how you did it, but he called. I was really hoping against hope. It seemed like we weren't getting any movement and now he actually called completely out of the blue. What makes it great is that he was so sweet and said he's been dreaming about me and couldn't stop thinking about me. We are meeting later this week for dinner to work things out. Bless you. I feel like giving you a big hug!" -SC (Reconciliation work performed after boyfriend of 5 years broke up with her. They had no contact for 2 months and after 3 weeks of my work contact was resumed on his part. They reconciled and got back together 2 weeks after they started talking again.)

I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. It has been a rough couple of months, but I knew I did the right thing by coming to you. You worked your magic and now I am employed. Even the practical advice you gave me really helped. I passed all my certification tests, the interview went great, and I got the job that I've desperately been needing. Thank you, you rock!" -MO (Client had been unable to find work for months after being laid-off at previous job. A combination of success and money drawing work was performed to help him pass tests of certification and to land him the position).

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't tell you enough what it means to me to be able to finally sleep in peace at night. You got rid of them and fast!" -KB (Client had a neighbor move in that was involved in selling drugs. A hot foot conjure sent this neighbor away after 15 days of casting the spell, followed up by a conjure aimed at getting the lot arrested)

"When he tried to break into my house he must have had an anxiety attack or panic attack because he wasn't able to get in and the police found him not a block from my house whimpering about having nightmares about 'crows with eyes.' Thank you so much, ConjureMan Ali. I feel safer knowing my stalker won't bother me again. -NL (Protection spell involving guardian spirits to shield client from a dangerous stalker. The spell was aimed at keeping him from actually getting in her home and to get him arrested when he attempted)

ConjureMan Ali without a doubt has been the best spiritual advisor and rootworker I have had. His protection work when I have travelled has been imperative to the safety of my belongings as well as my health. When traveling to Panama city in 2009 he accurately predicted danger on my trip so I was given a talisman for protection, when the Hostel I was staying in was robbed at gunpoint my room was the only one that was completely overlooked by the robbers. They found the keys to everyone's room, but mine, everyone got robbed but me. I literally slept through the entire thing. For that I will be forever be grateful. -VT (Client was given a protection amulet to keep him safe after a reading indicated that a chance of being robbed was very probable on his trip)

ConjureMan Ali is the singularly most talented and powerful spiritual worker I have ever met. After years of getting mediocre results from other conjurers, I happened upon ConjureMan Ali. Suffice to say his power is unrivaled and second to none. He's turned my life around in the most miraculous ways. I was facing a dangerous enemy that no one wasable to handle and despite promises none delivered. ConjureMan Ali delivered. He got rid of my powerful enemy and brought peace into my life. Bless you for all that you do! -LH (Client had difficulty with other rootworkers, I was able to employ my powerful spirits to turn their life around and bring them the happiness and success that they deserved by taking out the enemy holding them down.)

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Uncrossing and cleansing spell using candles and eggs to remove a curse from a client and restore their life back to normal.

Powerful love spell that joins and binds two lovers together with enduring passion, love, and committment under the blessing of Saint Anthony.

Binding and destruction work to tie up a malicious person and bring them to justice with the aid of the spirits of the dead.

Rootwork on behalf of clients
As a two-headed doctor and conjurer I perform rootwork and spellcasting on behalf of clients. This means that I will work with my spirits and the powers I have in order to assist and help you acheive the goals we set. I hold myself to a high ethical standard which revolves around integrity and honesty. If I cannot help you with a case I will always refer you to a fellow rootworker who I believe may be of aid, or tell you that I am unable to help you. Whatever the case, I'll be upfront and honest with you.

What type of rootwork I perform?
I am a justified worker which means that I fully believe that spiritual practitioners can be and are meant to be the ultimate harbingers of justice. If a case is justified and I feel the work needed on a case is in line with justice and the betterment of our fellow man than I shall take it on. Before taking on any justified cases I will perform a personal divination on the matter and make my decision based off of that divination. What this means is that when normal systems of justice need help, or fail to provide, or when things seem out of your ability to control I am willing to step in and set things right.

When I take on a case I also assist the client in learning a bit of conjure and magick. It is my firm believe that with the application of the correct knowledge with unwavering faith that amazing things can be accomplished. I shall guide you through prayers, affirmations, special baths and other small works while I work with my spirits and ancestors to perform the spellwork on your behalf.

I am strongly gifted in, but not limited to the following types of rootwork and spellcasting:

Love Work, be it drawing a new love, fertility, fidelity binding, or reconciliation.
Revenge, Crossing, Destruction, and Break Up Work if deemed justified.
Hot foot and banishing Work
Uncrossing and Reversal Work
Protection Work and Shut your Mouth or Stop Gossip Work

Success, Job, and Money Drawing
Working with spirits,
especially graveyard, crossroad, goetic spirits, and djinn.
Court Case Work, I have a strong sense of justice and this shows in my court case work.
and Domination and Influence work.

I am strongly gifted with working with spirits, I can call upon them to aid us, exorcise them, and tame them. I also have a strong area of expertise in dealing with other spiritual practitioners. If you feel under attack I can undo the damage and deal with the person throwing for you.

How to enlist my aid?
In order to see if I am willing to take on your case you need to have a reading with me on the situation. Click on the Readings and Consultations link and schedule a divination with me. After we've divined into the situation and we've discussed the case and he what it will entail then I'll perform a divination for myself and from there either accept the case, reject it, or refer it to someone I believe will be able to help.

Rates for rootwork vary and we will have to discuss the rates and payment options during the reading. However, the price quoted will include any crossroads or graveyard work that I need to perform on your behalf.

As practitioner of the grimoire-conjuring tradition I have at my disposal spirits and allies that are not always found among common hoodoo practitioners. When I read for the case I will also inform you on which approach would be the best to take in order to have the highest rate of success. If the case calls for me to step into my Temple and summon aid from my chthonic allies then I am willing to do so.

There are no guarantees in life and this is certainly true for magick and rootwork. As an ethical pracitioner I cannot guarantee you that the spells will always work, or that we will always have the success that we expect. To give you this guarantee would be unethical and demonstrate a complete and total lack of understanding of the nature of magick. Frankly, if anyone is giving a 100% guarantee in respect to spellcasting then you should run the other way for it is the surest sign of a fraud. 

No doctor can guarantee that a treatment or medication will work, no psychologist can guarantee that treatment will resolve the issues, no lawyer can guarantee that they will get the verdict they want. Neither can a conjure doctor guarantee their magick 100%.

What I can guarantee is that if I take on your case I will do everything within my power to acheive the goals that we set. I will bring to bear my powers and abilities in rootwork, Quimbanda astrological magick, goetia, djinn magick, and talismanic magick to bring about manifestation.

In my many years experience in the occult I have come to to believe that in reality there are very few cases that are beyond the ability of magick to have some influence on. So, even if we cannot acheive the exact results we seek we, we can still have some sway over things.

Basic outline of having rootwork done on your behalf
After getting a reading and consultation where I agree to take the case on and do work on your behalf, I shall give you an estimate of when your work will be completed. I will send a follow up email on any divinatory signs that I have noted, any perceptions I have received from the work, and also what you can expect in the coming days.

I find that communication between client and rootworker is extremely important and so I limit the number of cases I take so that I can divide up my time fairly without taking away from the quality of any work. That said, there are some standards in communication that I would like upheld.

When I take on a case, I will send a follow up email with my analysis at the close of the spellwork. After which I recommend waiting at least 3-4 weeks for any indication that the spell is working. During this point if any major change in the case occurs you are free to contact me and we can establish what needs to be done, but if things are progressing as normal then I request that you wait until the end of 3-4 weeks before you contact me with an update on the situation from where we can decide what needs to be done.

Now during this time, I will not let my clients feel like they are stuck in limbo waiting for the deadline to approach. Along with the analysis that I will send I will also include a list of suggested activities magical and non-magical that should be undertaken to keep one busy if the situation calls for it and to help prepare for the eventual success of the spell. I find this helps clients to keep patient, while also preparing them for the change that magick will bring. This will also further increase the chances of true success since I find that sometimes clients are unprepared for success even though they want it, which seems rather common in reconciliation cases.

I often work with hot and fast spirits that tend to bring manifestation about rather quickly, but that is not always the case and manifestation rates are contingent upon numerous factors. I will tell you in the initial reading and the analysis what to look for.

A spirit trap that lures out the spirit that has been maliciously tormenting a familiy; once the spirit is trapped it is tamed, bound, and controlled. 


Binding and cursing work against a trouble-maker and gossip to shut their mouth and send them far far away.