Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice

Setting Lights

Select a Candle and have it fixed, dressed, and set on our altar for you.

After purchasing your candle email us with the name of the candle in the subject line. In the email include your petition, the names and birthdates of anyone involved, and pictures of anyone involved.

Each candle costs $24 and will include dressing and fixing your candle for you, setting it on one of our altars, and an emailed candle report after the candle has burned.

Types of Candles Available:

Love Candles
  1. Come to Me- To draw a new lover closer to you or take a specific person from friend to lover.
  2. Love Me- To cause someone to feel love you and desire you.
  3. Fires of Love- To stroke the fires of passion in your target for you.
  4. Stay with Me- To help bring about a loving committment from your lover.
  5. Reconciliation- To heal the wounds of past spats, to encourage forgiveness and rebuild a loving relationship.
  6. Return to Me- To draw back a drifting lover or friend and bring them back into your life.
  7. Follow Me Boy/Girl- Causes the target of your desires to follow you around at your beck and call.

    Love Candles
    Protection Candles 


    1. Protection- To keep you safe from harm, danger, and any trouble that someone may cause for you.
    2. Fiery Wall of Protection- To create powerful barriers of protection that will repel any onslaught.
    3. Guardian Angel- Invokes the power of your spiritual protector to shield you from all attacks.
    4. Run Devil- Forces devils, imps, and other darkness to run in the opposite direction.
    5. Safe Travel- Lit to protect travellers on their journeys and to guide them safely home.
    Protection Candles

    Wealth and Money and Luck Candles

    1. Money Drawing- To bring and draw money and income to you
    2. Money Stay With Me- To help you keep a hold of the money you make.
    3. Fast Luck- For those seeking quick luck in matters of love and money.
    Wealth and Money Candles
    Success Candles
    1. Steady Work- To help acquire and retain a steady source of income
    2.  Crown of Success- For those seeking success in all their endeavours in money, school, and careers
    3.  Victory- For those seeking to overcome any situation that involves competition and conflict.
    4. King Solomon's Wisdom- To aid in decision making and sharpening the mind for scholarly pursuits and other mental activities.
    5. Examination- This candle is aimed at specifically giving you the edge in any form of examination or test. You must email us with the date of your examination and time. We'll light the candle then you must follow up by telling us if you passed or not.
    Success Candles

    Court Case Candles

    1. Court Case- To bring about a favorable conclusion to legal proceedings.
    2. Law Stay Away- To keep away the prying eye of the law
    3. Stop Gossip- To silence all wagging tongues from speaking ill about you, or spreading rumors. This can be used for court proceedings, work, or family life.
    Court Case Candles
    Domination Candles
    1. Essence of Bend Over- To subjugate someone and make them bend over backwards for you.
    2. Domination- To exercise complete and total control over people's thoughts and actions.
    3. Commanding- To give you authority over people and to illicit their respect.
    4. Compelling- To compel someone to make good on a promise and to keep their end of their bargain.
    Domination Candles
    Psychism, Occultism, Spiritualism 
    1. Psychic Vision- For those wishing to open up their inner sight
    2. Master Key- Used to unlock inner spiritual power and mastery
    3. Power- Can be used to increase spiritual and physical power over situations and people.
    4. Spirit Guide- Lit to help bring into your life the guidance and helping hand of a spiritual force and/or being.
    5. Black Tobacco- Burned to help with legal matters and for spiritual contact.
    Psychic and Occult Candles
    Crossing, Hexing, Destruction, and Reversal
    1. Reversal- Reverses back unto sender all negativity, darkness, pain, and other unpleasantness. Great to give someone a taste of their own medicine.
    2. Crossing- Crosses up a person in all matters of life: love, money, job, health and all other endeavours. 
    3. Black Arts- Call upon dark forces and spirits to attack and destroy your enemies. Can also be used to summon and control dark spirits for pacts.
    4. Hot Foot- Sets the heels of your target on fire forcing them to move, move, move and away from you.
    5. Confusion- Fogs the mind of your enemies, disrupts their activities, and keeps them off balanced.
    6. Inflammatory Confusion- Turn your adversaries against one another and causes them to lash out and loose their cool.
    7. Break Up- Causes those in a relationship to fight and argue and drive one another away.
    8. Separation- Used to drive a wedge between two people and cause them to drift apart gradually.  
    Crossing, Reversing, and Revenge Candles
    Curse Removal and Uncrossing
    1. Road Opening- Clears out all blocks in the way of your path and breaks through all walls holding you back.
    2. Uncrossing- Removes and clears out crossed conditions
    3. Van Van- Clears out home and self off tricks and clears out messes
    Uncrossing Candles

    Health, Vitality, and Blessing Candles
    1. Healing- Restores health and vitality both mentally and physically to you. Can also assist in recovery.
    2. Blessing- Calls upon a spiritual benediction to bless you, your life, new endeavours, homes, and births.
    3. John the Conqueror- Restores male virility while also empowering your inner masculinity, drive, and skill.
    4. Queen Elizabeth- Restores female sensuality while also empowering your inner mystique and feminity. 
    5. Clarity- Clears up the mind of any fog of confusion and aids in seeing matters clearly.
    6. Peacful Home- To bring about peace and tranquility to all members of a home.
    Health and Vitality Candles

    Saint Candles

    1. St. Cyprian- To petition St. Cyprian to assist in uncrossing, protection against spellcasters, and to aid in reversal work.
    2. St. Expedite- To petition this blessed saint to bring his swift intervention to any financial, legal, and buereaucratic work and overcome delays.
    3. St. Martha- To petition this blessed virgin to bring her gentle yet irresistable force against those who have an upper hand against your and to bind them and place them under your feet.
    4. St. Michael- To call upon the fiery protection of the mighty archangel against all devils and those who would do you harm.
    Saint Candles




Setting lights is a traditional spiritual practice aimed at using the power of candles to target specific conditions and to bring about changes in said conditions. This magical service is common place in Hoodoo, conjure, and rootwork.

This simple yet potent magical act involves selecting a candle that reflects the condition that the client seeks to change. The spiritual worker then carefully dresses the candle with the appropriate oils and herbs and places this upon one of their concescrated and dedicated altars with the client's petition with the goal of having the spiritual quality of the light bring power towards the situation in question and grant the client's petition. It is traditional that after the burning of the light a brief report is given to the client on the burn of the candle with special attention paid to any signs or omens preceived through ceromancy, or divination through the use of candle wax.

In the arsenal of the conjurer setting lights is one simple, but effective way of bringing about the changes desired. People who wish to bring quick spiritual power to a situation, or those who seek to back up their own magical work, or those seeking to keep steady pressure on a situation may seek having lights set for them.

At Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice we offer a variety of lights for many of the needs of our clients. Each candle will be dressed with an appropriate conjure oil, herbs, and other curios and set upon one of our dedicated altars. The candles will be prayed over daily and after they are done burning a candle report will be emailed with a brief description of the burn and any divinatory signs will be noted. All the hoodoo oils that we use are either made by ourselves, or we use LuckyMojo products which are the most authentic manufacturers of traditional spiritual products.  

To have a light set for you by Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice select the candle that best suits your conditions and desires to the right. After selecting the candle email us with your petition and if possible the full names, birthdates, and pictures of those involved. These will be used in the petition and placed under the candle. In the subject line of the email please include the name of the candle you purchased. 

For questions regarding which candle may be best for your situation please email us with a brief description of your situation, or if you desire more indepth analysis set up a reading with Conjure Man Ali.

For those in need and who cannot afford a light we offer a free candle service where we will light a one-day candle dressed with an all purpose oil and shall set this for you. You can email us if you'd like this candle set for you. It is a general all purpose candle so emails, petitions, and pictures will not be placed underneath it.

Real herbs and curios are used to dress and fix
candles for clients petitions. Each herb and curio
is prayed over to awaken its spirit to work towards
your goal.

Candles are part of the staple of conjure and hoodoo spellcraft. They are a powerful tool used by the conjure to bring heat, light, and power to any given situation.

Saint Expedite is a powerful intercessor and saint for those needing help in a hurry. He moves quickly to assist those in financial and legal crises. Our praises go out to this glorious saint.

Saint Martha The Dominator is the gentle, but firm protector of all those who are faced with those who abuse their power and authority. Her irresistible compelling power can be called upon to turn around and reverse unequal power situations.