Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice


Some frequently asked questions and the responses to them. If you have questions regarding Conjure Man's Spiritual Practice check through these questions first before shooting me an email.

What is conjure?
Conjure is a term the refers back to a form of American folk spirituality and magick that comes from African American culture. It is heavily influenced by the folk traditions of Africa, the Middle East, the Native American, and Europe. It ulimately is a system of magick with a set of practices aimed at influencing the spiritual and material work through various acts. To learn more about it read my page on What is Hoodoo-Conjure and refer to pages of the free book written by catherine yronwode called Hoodoo In Theory and Practice.

What is the difference between Hoodoo, Conjure, and Rootwork?
Each of those terms refers back to the same tradition and are simply regional variations. The terms are fluid and apply to the greater body of the tradition while also sometimes referring to the people who practice the system of magick. Practitioners are called Conjures, Conjurers, Conjure Doctors, Hoodooers, Hoodoos, Trick Doctors, Conjure Men/Women, Goofer Doctors, root doctors, rootworkers etc.

The magical acts of the system may be called spells, doing the work, laying a trick, conjuring, rooting, goofering someone. Despite these regionalisms these terms all generally refer to the same body of practices--that is the magical tradition.

What is the difference between getting a light set and having rootwork performed on your behalf?
Setting lights is considered one form of rootwork. It is one of the simpler acts on its own, but can be used in a larger conjure. Setting lights employs the steady power of a candle that burns over a course of several days to bring power, heat, and light to a situation in order to effect change. This steady flow of spiritual power is often enough to change a great deal of situation or influence them. Setting lights are a great way of manifesting your desires, bringing some heat to a situation, backing up your own spellwork, or just getting a simple spell cast on your behalf.

Having rootwork performed on your behalf may include having various lights set, but also refers to the act of having a conjure doctor perform a spell on your behalf--one that is tailored specifically to your condition. These can be more elaborate then a simple candle, but may include that candle in a larger spiritual act.

How do I choose between having a light set for me, getting a mojo bag, or having rootwork done on my behalf?
If your situation is complicated you may require more intensive work done on your behalf that includes mojo bags, setting lights, but also further magical rites to help bring about manifestation of what you desire. You can have a reading where we disucss your situation and I can use divination to determine what would be the best course of action for you. You can also go with your gut if you feel strongly about something. However remember that all rootwork that I perform requires that I first read on the subject for you.

Does magic really work?
Yes it does. Every single culture around the world has a profound understanding that there is something beyond the apparent and that our connection to this spiritual reality allows us some influence on the material since the two realities are entwined. Magick is the ability to effect change on the world around us by the application of spiritual knowledge and power; it allows us access to the notion that man and his spiritual nature are not limited by the material.

Magick has been an accepted spiritual practice since time imemorial, but unfortunately that has been ignored in modern times. This is the resut of imbalanced empiricism that has no place for anything unobservable by senses. However, this limiting science fails to define and categorize those things in life that are beyond the mere senses; things like virtue, love, beauty, art, and spirituality. Things that hint and imply that there is something beyond the ordinary senses.

Quantum Physics has revolutioned the scientific model that has so dogmatically rejected any notion of spirituality and its applications. Modern quantum physicists are re-discovering wisdom that had already been around during the time of our ancient ancestors with things like nonlocality which allows for the possibility of influencing something through its link.

But science, theories, and maps won't answer if magick is real. That comes from an inner understanding of the way the world works, a deep connection with the understanding that there is more to this world than meets the eye and more to us than our mere shells.

Do you guarantee that your magic works? I see lots of 100% guarentees.
I do not guarantee that spells and magic will always solve the issues that you come across. Magick simply doesn't work that way. Can a doctor guarentee that his treatment will work 100% of the time? Can a lawyer guarantee that he'll win 100% of his cases? Can a therapist guarantee 100% that they can help fix things up? The answer is no. Each of life's situations is a complicated web of contingencies and variables and a host of things we cannot account for. Sometimes there are situations that are beyond our full control; we may be able to influence it, but not acheive what we seek exactly. However, like any specialist I guarentee to give everything my best effort and to apply the fullest of my abilities and knowledge to any situation.

Is there a particular type of magick you won't cast?
I do not perform death spells. Very few situations in the world calls for the extermination of an individual. No matter what type of person they are there are ways of dealing with them. However, I am familiar with death spells and if someone is casting one against you I can work to undo it.

How fast can I expect results?
How fast you can expect results will vary from case to case and is contingent upon dozens of factors. I tend to work quickly and most of my clients report great movement to success within the first few weeks and faster. However, there are times that it may take longer. On average as long as there are not too many complications you can expect noticable movement within the first few weeks and the results we seek shortly there after. During your reading/consultation I can advise of what I sense the timetable to be like.

Why are you called Dr. Raven? Why do you have two names?
The appellation was originally given to me by my first conjure teacher who called me a "raven" because of my affinity for graveyard and spirit work. I have continued to use the name in honor of her though I am also frequently called Conjure Man Ali, or the Conjure Man of the OC.

I also have a strong affinity with this avian spirit and have worked closely with them on various occassions. The mythic allusions of the psychopomp is one that fully resonates with me.

Conjure Man Ali is how I am known among the rootworking community. Either name works and I may sign my name somtimes with Dr. Raven for those familiar with it, but more often than not, I am ConjureMan Ali.

When you take on my case can I contact you frequently to get updates and to tell you what is going on at my end?
When I take on a case we will agree upon a reasonable limit of communication. This is to ensure that you never feel ignored, or somehow left out, and also protects me from an influx of unnecessary communication. I provide many services to clients world-over and so must ensure that I treat each one fairly and give them the quality time that they deserve when they turn to me.

We will discuss how the flow of communication will go when we discuss the case during a consulation/reading.