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Pendelums and Scrying crystals are common tools in the equipment of diviners.

Runes, the Tarot, scrying, pendelum are some of the methods I use to read for my clients.

Astrological charts like horary charts can be cast to predict the outcome of events or answer a question based on the placement and movement of the heavenly bodies. Natal charts can be cast to determine the celestial influences on a person's personality, areas of life, and even the path that destiny runs.

Geomancy is one of my favored methods of divination for it is known to provide amazing insight and allows to divine the minutest of details about a topic. Geomancy is often cast on two traditional chart: the shield chart (above) and the house chart.

What some people have said about ConjureMan Ali's readings:

ConjureMan Ali your reading was spot on! Its uncanny how you pointed out the things you did. im definately coming back for any future readings! -TC

Thank you sooo much for that reading. It was a profound exp. -JM

Conjureman Ali you freaking rock! I knew i made the right decision to come to you. - CO

After getting the reading I have this sense of relief. The news the cards gave wasn't exactly the best but your sincerity and compassion really helped me regain my sense of hope. Thank you for being honest. - LK

Wow I had to write you and tell you that everything you said in the reading has been coming true! -MK

You are a very rare individual. You must really be gifted by god and I thank you for sharing with us the gift you have. -MO

ConjureMan Ali I purchased a reading and magical coaching from you and I had to write to tell you what a great experience it was for me. You read for me and tailored the magical coaching to focus on what I really needed. I'm happy to say that following your advice I got my job back and my old boss is gone!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! -DB

I was a skeptic about this whole reading thing and lemme tell you that you made a believer out of me. You were accurate, on point, and knew things that no one else could have known! You must be in touch with the spirit world. I would highly recommend you to all my friend!-LA

I cannot tell you how much I value your honesty. You were right; I deserved the truth. Everything you said was 100% right and all your predictions have been coming true. You've found a client for life. Thank you ConjureMan Ali, you are amazing. -KH

You picked up on things in a way that I could not believe. You have a way of seeing to the heart of the matter. Even after the reading your words continued to be my anchor. I am honestly amazed and the power of your magic truly is unrivaled! -VC

Your life reading was so insightful, ConjureMan Ali! I am so amazed how detailed and on point it was. -NW

Everything you predicated came true! I got one of your geomantic readings and I am blown away. You said I would be getting money from a previous employer and a month later I got a settlement check from a lawsuit against my previous employer. I couldn't believe it. Everything is happening as you said it would. It was a blessing to get your reading. -EM

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Get an instant on demand reading with me now. For clients who need fast immediate readings and consultations you can contact me via telephone service here:

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Gifted reader, root doctor, magus & spirit-worker

For those who'd like to prescheule a reading please refer to my services at the bottom of this page.

One of the most common and accepted practices of many cultures world-wide is the seeking out of information and guidance from spiritual means. People go to various spiritual practitioners, readers, psychics, magicians, and other similar folk to have their cards read, their palms looked at, their birth charts analyzed, have bones thrown for them etc. Divination, augury, and reading are all attempts by mankind to gaze beyond the limits of their normal perception into something a little deeper. Hoodoo carries on this tradition and people in communities where hoodoo is prevalant will seek out specialists in order to help them understand their current situations a little more, get to the truth of things, and gaze into the future to come.

Two-Headed Doctors
In conjure there is a terms that specifically refers to individuals who both work magick and read for clients--they are called "two-headed doctors." This term alludes to a few different things. First it simply means that the conjure doctor has two abilities to read about a situation, or see the spiritual ebb and flow of events and to go in and change the flow towards a desired outcome. It also alludes to the African roots of conjure where a person who was an oracle or a person who was a sangoma (healer) would be given a "head" or found the ruling spirit of his or her life. An inadequate analogy, but one that has some merits would be comparing it to the Abramelin tradition of the Holy Guardian Angel. The third reference for the term two-headed doctor comes from the spirit of the crossroads. In Africa as well as Europe the deities of the crossroads were considered to have two-heads as in the Graceo-Roman Janus. So the two-headed doctor was the person who helped people see where the crossroads lead and aided in deciding which path to take.

What are readings?
Plain and simple, readings are a means of divination. A reader uses their intuition, their psychic ability, and/or various oracular methods to look into the spiritual flow of events in order to gain insight into the reasons why things are happening, where they are headed, and how they can be altered. It is important to note that while readings are a form of prophecy, they are neither set-in-stone, nor are they an exact science. Readings look into the flow of events to reveal the most likely possibilities. However, so long as people are free to change their minds, free to choose different paths, or in otherwords so long as there is free-will the future is always subject to change.

Understanding that, readings are a great way of gaining insight into a situation and examining the different possible outcomes of circumstances. Whether you are seeking to find out what the future may hold for you, find out where a relationship is headed, how a business deal may turn out, or even to find out what is really going on in a situation.

What is a consultation?
A consultation usually goes hand-in-hand with a reading. In a reading a client is seeking insight where as in a consultation the client is seeking advice and guidance towards what they can do about the situation they are asking about.

A consultation is often accompanied with a prescription. The two-headed doctor, the reader, or the rootworker prescribes a series of actions magical or non-magical that are to be taken in order to alleviate problems, manifest desires, or through other means change the course of things in a direction favorable to the client.

What is Magical Coaching?
Magical coaching is where an experienced rootworker walks a client through a spell, ritual, or conjure that they desire to learn more about. This involves one-on-one teaching on how to perform the work, what prayers and/or verses need reciting, and how to deploy the work effectively and more.

In magical coaching sessions the professional rootworker becomes an invaluable ally and teacher who helps you work a conjure on your own from start to finish. These sessions are great for those new to hoodoo and want to learn how to work on their own, those desiring to refine a technique, or anyone interested in learning a bit more about the tradition.

What does a reading from ConjureMan Ali entail?
Most of the readings that I perform are done through email, which makes for easier scheduling while also allowing clients to have a physical copy of the reading in order for them to go over at their liesure. This format seems to be favorable to my clients and helps overcome long-distance charges, scheduling conflicts between time zones, and allows for smooth and easy communication.

Once you select a reading, email me with "Reading" in the subject line. Then include your question in the body of the email along with the names and birthdates of everyone involved. If pictures are available they should be sent as well as they can help me tune my reading. Whatever background information is available should be given as well so as to set things in context and to help better illuminate the interpretation. You may also simply ask for general life questions aimed at seeing where your current path seems to be headed.
Once this information has been emailed to me you will receive a confirmation email with an estimate of when you will receive your reading from me. 

On the date indicated in your confirmation email you will receive an email from me with a detailed report of your reading. I shall include what divinatory signs came up as well as their meaning in the context of your situation. If you are looking for a consultation on what actions should be taken in your situation then please let me know and include that request with the question you send to me originally. This will allow me to split the reading report between the divination and the advice on what to do about the situation. To send me your questions for the reading or consultation email me at

Magical Coaching from ConjureMan Ali
After getting your reading/consultation if you feel like you need someone to guide you through the steps of how to work a conjure on your own then magical coaching may be what you are looking for. Also if you are interested in a specific conjure, spell, ritual, or piece of occult history you may email before hand to verify if I am familiar with what you seek to learn and if I am willing ot teach it. If I respond in the affirmitive you can schedule a coaching session.

Magical coaching includes 4 email sessions. This means that you email me your question, I email you the answer/steps and that equals 1 session. Each email sessions should focus on on specific topic, aspect of the work you are doing, and a question in regards to that. In these sessions you may ask for clarification and guidance and I'll walk you through the history, preparation, and steps of the spell, but after 4 sessions if you continue to need more you will need to request another series of magical coachings.

While four emails seems short, I take the time to write out  fully-deatiled and clear step-by-step instructions on how to work your conjure and many of my clients find that 4 emails is just right for learning what they seek. Furthermore it is my experience that you are purchasing with this service, not the quantity of emails.

Readings Available:

Full Reading/ Consultation- An in depth divination into the situation or question which will include a thorough report provided to the client. Included  in this are 2 follow up emails to help clarify any questions about the reading the client will have. If you seek a consultation as well, request that with the reading and I will split the time spent between the two. After purchasing the reading please email me with your full name and names of anyone else involved, dob, photos (if available), a sentence or two of context and 5 questions about the situation you'd like to know about. Please allow 5 business days from your payment clearing for response. $45

Yes/No Readings- A straightforward reading for a single question on a situation.  Send me the question you are curious about with a little of context and the names of the people involved, and I respond back with a reading revealing the answer to the question. $10

On Demand Readings-I am occassionally available for instant on-demand readings for clients who wish to speak to me right away. The rate for this is higher than pre-scheduled readings, but you get to speak to me right away as opposed to waiting for your scheduled reading. You can connect here:

Hoodoo Psychic
ConjureMan Ali

Ext. 5555

Gifted reader, root doctor, magus & spirit-worker

Geomantic Life Reading- A geomantic life reading focusing on providing a detailed and insightful look into your life for the year to come. Combining the highly accurate and penetrating techniques of geomancy and astrology, we are able to cover all aspects of your life and tell you exactly what you can expect in the year to come from financial outlook, love interests, your living situation, and even what illnesses to watch out for. This reading can also reveal your spiritual path. Highly accurate and insightful. After purchasing the reading please email us your full name, dob, and photo if available, a sentence or two of context and what areas you are specifically interested in. $100

Horary Astrological Reading- An astrological  yes-no reading that utilizes the casting of an astrological chart followed up by a detailed analysis that will indicate the flow of events and predict the outcome according to the placement and movement of the heavenly bodies. Coming Soon 

Natal Chart Reading- This requires that you send me your date, place, and time of birth in order for me to cast your chart. A natal chart reading will include an examination of the placement of the heavenly bodies at the point of your birth in order to illuminate various significant influences in your life, the general trend of your life, and where your destiny may be headed. Coming Soon

Soul-Mate Chart Reading- This requires that you send me yours and your partner's date, place, and time of birth for me to cast your charts. This will include a look into the personality characteristics of both individuals and how they support and encourage one another as well as how they restrict one another. This reading will pay special attention to the spiritual bonds that are formed between the two of you as well as what the outcome of a partnership would be. Coming Soon

Magical Coaching- You must either first purchase a reading from me on the situation, or email me to find out if I am willing to teach you what you seek to learn. Getting a reading for me helps me understand your situation and allows me to look at the spiritual underpinnings of what is going on, from there I am able to indicate what would be best for you to learn in a magical coaching session. Each magical coaching session caps out at 4 email sessions with each back and forth email equaling 1 session. During these sessions I become your personal coach and walk you through magical and spiritual work. Email me more or to set up your sessions. $90